Friday, February 11, 2011

Dad's Frittata

I am putting together a book with my Dad's recipes, he was a great cook and made so many wonderful meals. On Saturdays we would have this frittata for lunch with a salad and of course a glass of wine. He often used whatever was left over in the fridge to prepare this fritatta, this is one version.

1/4 red pepper cut into small pieces
1/4 green pepper cut into small pieces
1/4 sweet onion, cut into small pie es
Fresh Parsley, chopped fine
Grated Parmigiano or Romano Cheese
Salt & black pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
3 to 4 eggs (you can use egg whites if you want)
One good non-stick pan
Pam Spray

1. Have everything ready to go, Take the eggs and beat well, add salt and pepper, parsley & cheese. Put this aside.
2. Cook the peppers and onions in the non stick pan, once they have cooked, add the egg mixture.
3. With a spatula, push the egg mixture in, so that the eggs will cook. Once this is done, flip the frittata with a large plate and return the frittata to the pan so that the other side can cook.
4. Once done, place the cooked frittata onto a plate and garnish with parsley and more cheese if you wish.


  1. An easy, inexpensive, and quick meal that has become fashionable. Used to be an omelet and now it's a frittata! Don't care what you call it...I love my eggs with veges, cheese, herbs, etc.

  2. We have been eating frittata for many years and use to have it in sandwiches for lunch. Always a wonderful lunch