Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicken Piccata with capers and lemon

A really quick and easy dish for those who are on the run. Pounded out chicken breasts dredged in seasoned Wondra flour,pan seared and deglazed with chicken stock, lemon zest and juice and capers.
let me know if you want the recipe


  1. this looks great - jeremy hates olive but loves I might be able to sneak capers in!

  2. One of our family favorites. I usually skip the flour, and sometimes substitute (or add) white wine for lemon or for broth. Same recipe works well with a fresh wild salmon steak. Kids don't like capers so we add those later.

  3. Hi Sandra, I have been searching for the recipe for Franca's salad, made with rice, chicken, and Mezzetta giardiniera pickled veges. Do you know it?