Friday, December 6, 2013


I love sushi and have it often, and also have my favorite sushi place, I am lucky to have one of the best Sushi  places within walking distance of my house.

 This week I had an awful cold and could only think of sushi, so, today when I woke up it  was the only thing on my mind, and it was a dreary day outside, warm for this time of the year.

Off I went…..

So, had a wonderful lunch.  I usually get an order of sushi pizza, but decided to change and get something different.

So, I ordered spicy tuna on crunchy rice

Then I got a spicy tuna roll, sea urchin (uni), which I love, blue fin tuna, it was so yummy!!!
I did have a hot sake, medicinal purposes and then my fortune cookie…..

Such a great fortune cookie….great lunch, sorry I didn't get my usual "sushi pizza"….just have to go back before the holidays.


  1. Sushi pizza! Would love to know more about that. Do they use an italian pizza base or rice? What a delicious lunch you treated yourself too, I hope it cheered you up from having a cold. My family and I holidayed in Japan a few years ago, I was a bit challenged by the food, my oldest daughter loved it though, she tried everything and said it was all delicious. You might be interested to know I had the best italian food in Tokyo that I've ever eaten!

  2. Hi Catherine, the sushi pizza is unique, I will take a foto and send it to you within the next few weeks. It's sushi rice between two pieces of nori, I think they fry it and then put the sushi on top…stay tuned for the foto..