Friday, August 27, 2010

Grilled Potato Rosemary Pizza

I love grilling pizza and do it often. I use a natural hardwood charcoal and the pizza is so delicous. You can do this with a gas grill also.
1 pizza dough (you can get this at your supermarket, oh and it freezes great)
olive oil
fresh rosemary cut up
new potatoes cut into rounds, blanch the potato rounds in water, remember to put the potatoes into cold water and once it comes to a boil remove them
asiago cheese grated
Heat your grill to medium high, I do it so that when I put my hand over the grill I can only hold it there for about 3 seconds.
Roll out the dough, put it on a pizza peel that has either flour or cornmeal and make sure that the dough moves on the peel.
Roll it onto the grill and let it sit for a few minutes, it will begin to bubble, peak and when it is getting grill marks you can flip it. Once flipped, brush off the excess flour, pour olive oil over not too much, then add your potatoes, asiago cheese and rosemary, close the cover to your grill and let it cook, you will see the cheese starting to melt, check the bottom of the pizza so that it does not get too dark.
Remove and serve immediately. Any questions contact me

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