Monday, November 18, 2013

Chicken Breast Supreme

What a beautiful November day, temperature 19 C, sunny and not a cloud in the sky…hope they stay like this for a while.  I'll take this great weather as long as it keeps coming.

Chickens were on sale and so I bought one, I only buy organic chickens, so brought it home and separated all the parts, packaged it up in pieces and stored it in the freezer for future use.  

I love the chickens from Whole Foods Market, maybe they cost a little more, but organic is the only way to go, with all the bad stuff they are putting in foods today.

Breaking apart the chicken, I saved the chicken breast and marinated in lemon, olive oil, laurel (bay leave), garlic and some black pepper.  

Actually this breast could be two servings.  Anyway, I marinated it for about 3 hours.  No real recipe today, add the flavors to your taste.

While the chicken was marinating, I cooked some wonderful Italian (lacinato) kale, it is sometimes called black kale.  It is really delicious.

This is very simple to cook, and all I do, is wash it, blanch it in boiling salted water, drain and cook in a sauté pan with olive oil, garlic, himalayan pink salt ( it is an awesome salt), and it's better for you than regular salt.

Cooking the chicken breast:
Turned the oven on to temperature 200C and let it come to temperature before pan searing the chicken breast.
Once the oven was up to temperature, I pan seared the chicken breast skin side down and a lightly oiled sauté pan, after 5 minutes when the chicken was browned, I turned it over and put it into the oven for about 35-40 minutes until the temperature of the chicken reached 71 C / 160F.  Let the chicken rest for 15 minutes covered.

Place the kale on a plate then the chicken and drizzle some really nice extra virgin olive oil on top of the chicken and enjoy.

This was just a really simple dinner that is very easy to make and really yummy also.

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  1. Great meal. Thanks for reminding us to buy organic, so important and love kale.